Pet portraits


If you would like to see your dog on a cover of Dogue as a beautiful piece of wall art, I would be happy to make that happen for you.

Commission process


Within 24 hours of your purchase, I will send you a link to a survey where you will be able to

  • upload images of your pet - let’s be honest, we usually have quite a variety on our camera roll!
  • share about your pet - their personality, habits - anything that can help me bring more character into the piece
  • your favorite color combinations as well as plants - flowers, plants, fruits and anything blooming I might be able to add to the piece!
  • any inspiration photos and what you like from them which can help me with the theme of the Dogue
  • I will also ask your favorite from the Dogue series so I can understand what you like!


Within 3 days from you filling in the survey I will get back to you with a few sketches of your furry friend. I want to reach likeness but still keep things quite graphic!


Within 3 days from your feedback on the likeness & sketches, I will get back to you with options for the layout and poses and accessories.


Within 3 days from your feedback on the pose & layout, I will share a color mock-up with you for your final feedback!

Within 3 days from your color feedback, I will send you the finished illustration which can be printed to the size of max 13x18 inches.

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